Computer freezes in world matchmaking

I have been unable to access pvp on my pc for about 4 weeks. When I choose to Invite players through world matchmaking, my pc begins loading and freezes. I thought it had to do with new ISP/router since it seemed to happen at the time I moved, but I've since attempted to connect from other sites with no luck. I have 1 gig fiber optic Century link service. The speed is not the issue. I've made sure the wireless signal is strong and ping is low (2-3). Other things I've tried include: adding a new router and bridging the Century Link router, reinstalling the game, updating Steam, adding GOG and Absolver files to antivirus exceptions and firewall exceptions lists, ensuring games ports, NAT and unPnP are enabled on router, flushed the DNS and refreshed the IP. Like I said, I initially thought it was a network issue, but since I've had issues with accessing the matchmaking from other locations/networks I wonder if it's the game, my settings, or what. Any help is appreciated.

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