Absolver Game Development - Officially Abandoned

This is a misleading title to get the much needed attention of developers and moderators from Devolver, et al.

Well ... Has it? It appears to be. If it is not, please inform your users when a major play progression system will be addressed - Schools. The game is quite stunted at the upper echelons without this. Users who played this game earlier have a significantly unfair advantage even at the same "level" in PVP matches.

Additionally, I have not been able to successfully make it through a matchmaking into the co-op survival mode (official name escapes me), once Absolver level is reached. I am on Xbox One.

Please, provide some response. Some feedback. If you do not, I, and potentially many others, will presume development has in fact been abandoned for this game, and invest our time elsewhere, where we will be appropriately rewarded for doing so.


  • yes for you too, absolver wont get any further updates. all there is left is we the community and how we help each other.
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