Help; Invalid save Data!

Hey guys. I love this game. It can be extremely frustrating, but it is still my favorite game of all time. Anyway, I hope you guys can help me. I got an invalid save data error and now can't access my main account on my PS4. My gamer tag is LazerBlasterEyes. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I don't want to lose all my data. I have a crap ton of hours in this game. Let me know. Thanks for this game Sloclap! I wish you weren't moving on from this game. Thanks for the good times.


  • The file with invalid save data is labeled Fury. Please help! Thanks.
  • A while back they added a redundancy to game saves. So, there should be your primary save, named Fury, and a backup save Fury-1 below it.
    Do you backup your game saves to the cloud?
    You might be able to grab an earlier iteration of your game save there.

    Hope that helps
  • I tried loading both Fury and Fury-1. Both files are bad. Unfortunately, I havent saved to the cloud either. I might be screwed. I think my only hope is Sloclap being able to do something about it, but it looks like I may have to start the whole game over again. I had all the moves and almost every outfit. I have been jade for a long while. Oh, this sucks.
  • Invalid save for me too! It's done it to me 8 times now... Smh. Just pops up on the screen every time I get to combat trial level 1,664. I emailed weeks ago and haven't received any help or response. I could've had the 1k, 2k, and 3k masks by now! What's up Absolver???
  • Invalid save here i have tried everything nothing helps
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