Moderator Toxicity

I originally went to the Discord to report bugs after Downfall was released.

I was immediately met with unreasonable attacks and insults from members of the Discord, in the presence of mods, literally over reporting bugs, after Downfall, when the game was in the equivalent of an alpha stage. Some mods even participated in attacking me and alienating me.

I complained to some of the higher mods. First was PlebEU. Pleb completely ignored me, and then criticized me for DM-ing him. I had also left a note in the feedback channel, and the rudeness from members and lower mods continued, before DMing Pleb. I felt that Pleb was rude to me.

I went back to Discord to report a separate bug later, and a complaint about the toxitiy. Vanguard read the complaint, and then gave *me* a warning, and literally talked to nobody else, *because* I had left a note in the feedback channel. I left the Discord.

I encountered more bugs. I left a post on the subreddit. Many other people said that the Discord, and the mods / staff who moderated it, were extremely toxic and rude, and said "it's not a good place," that they had had the same experience, that they had left the Discord, did not use it, and advised me to do the same.

Mods, and some of the community continued to attack me in the subreddit, literally for reporting bugs, and partly for my opinion about the game balance.

I felt that the bug reports were going nowhere, and I eventually went back to the discord, and then later here to the forums.

I was insulted harder than ever by both mods and random members of the Discord while in the presence of mods of the Discord. This was about my complaint that back stagger doesn't dodge spinning high kick if timed too early, which honestly doesn't make sense, since backstagger is supposed to reposition you backwards, and as such, timing it "too early" shouldn't be an issue, and it has an attack which should interrupt spinning high kick. This difference of opinion or perspective shouldn't result in what happened, which was that I was treated extremely rudely, ganged up on, called names, by people INCLUDING moderators, for the second / third time.

Keep in mind that I had already complained to mods, including Vanguard, and had treated rudely by them, either by being insulted, completely ignored, or wrongfully scapegoated for other people being toxic over someone reporting a bug, even if one or two of the 10+ or so bug reports I made was a mistake, that does NOT warrant the response I got from the SloClap staff. I was sick of it. I told the people who had continuously been insulting me for about an hour or two to fuck off. And I was banned.

I also saw that Pleb had been Extremely verbally abusive towards other players in the subreddit.

I quit playing Absolver, because (1) there were TONS of bugs, (2) I was sick of the toxicity outside the game, (3) I was bored of it and frustrated with several things about the ongoing situation with the game and it just wasn't worth it to play. Also literally everyone else I knew had also quit the game.

I think everyone who had gone through this experience would done similarly.

Recently I left a note in the subreddit about this, and I was insulted and blatantly lied about by NanoHologuise, a mod and member of the SloClap staff. Your mods literally brag publicly about treating people "with scorn and disrespect", and "ridiculing" them.


  • I regret complaining. Even though I had criticism, still despite what I said, Absolver is a great game, and if SloClap made a new game, I would buy it.
  • If you make extrem claims like that id highly recommend to post some proof like screenshots or audiotracks.
    I talked to a great part of both mods and Community and they were pretty chilled.
  • Wow, too little too late to save your soul. I do not care how old this post is. This must be said. If you know damn well they are treating you like shit you mustn't condescend your own opinion or right to abandon this game or its inhabitants. They are using you as fuel for their failed attempts at game development to further gain money and followers for money, again. I thought they were better than this. I'm shattered by this...I'm also shattered by you saying you are sorry right after a grandiose retort about how badly they treated you. Don't say sorry. Don't take the bribe. Stick it to them, otherwise you're a pitiful excuse of a rebel. I will never buy Sifu after this comment I have seen and I hope you didn't just buy it too. Don't feed the zombie company.
  • This may be taken down after being seen so. Cheers to you hateful moderators and devs, I already screenshot everything and I'm posting the juicy shit on every media page I can find.
  • This may be taken down after being seen so. Cheers to you hateful moderators and devs, I already screenshot everything and I'm posting the juicy shit on every media page I can find.

    Please share that juicy juicy sauce, post pics here, you should be able to
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