Will there be another content update in the near future?

Honestly, my bet is that from here to say 2020, nothing MASSIVE will come from sloclap for everyone’s favorite masked fighting game, because they are trying to keep the company afloat. Downfall, the biggest update the game’s ever seen, was completely and totally free, and the only paid dlc is the adalian forest dlc. So for the updates they put out to be free, and for this game to fly under the radar in the big media, I’m not blaming them for making a new game, of course, they did say that they aren’t moving on from it, so it means that if things with their next game go well, then we’ll have ourselves fights in the Ripan deserts, or in the Uringal Mountains. So just remember that if the game is going to last, support should be given, and not just ideas, which tbh some are awesome, like fighting in other PVE spots, and when their new game comes out, check it, see if it’s something you want
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