School Mod suggestion

1/ Players that join a school when they have already unlocked everything in the school should immediately become disciples.
2/ 1v1 players who are disciples or mentors that play whilst there is an ongoing tournament should:
2.1/ Get a point added to their personal leaderboard score no matter which school they are in and changing school shouldn't reset this score.
2.2/ The school should get a point added to its leaderboard score for any of its disciples or its mentor that win and these points should not be removed if the player who won the points changes school.
3/ We all should be able to scroll up and down the entire leaderboard to see everyone's scores. Why don't we have this ability now? Was it a deliberate design decision?

After reading this some of you are probably thinking that these rules are a bad idea because it enables players to switch schools whenever they feel like it during a tournament and discourages loyalty to one school.

This is true but I think giving disciples the above options would be beneficial because:

1/ It will mean that schools will probably end up having more disciples. Currently the Season 12 PS4 top 10 schools have lots of students but no or hardly any disciples, and most students seem to stay permanently at a low level within their school and never actually get to play tournament matches.

2/ If you think about the rules that I'm suggesting you might deduce the following:
2.1/They could result in a player's personal leaderboard score being more of a representation of skill than of the quality of the player's current school's combat deck because the score could have been accumulated by winning as a member of many different schools. 2.2/The school leaderboard score could be viewed as a more accurate representation of the quality of its deck because it will have been accumulated by a greater number of players with a varying level of skill.
2.3/Mentors would be much less likely to change schools than disciples because they would risk losing their school to being taken over by one if its disciples if they left. So these rules would mostly be of benefit to disciples and would make more players want to be disciples. Most PS4 schools look to me like they could do with more disciples.


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