More Absolver Cloaks!

Hello Slo Clap,

I have been kicking and getting my butt kicked for hours to get to lvl -100 just to get a Missionary Absolver Cloak. And noticed it did not help leveling in any way while grinding DownFall. It'd be nice for those who are more into the PVE side of the game to earn the same Absolver Cloaks, without being forced to PVP specially if they are willing to put in the same amount of gameplay hours. Also, more Cloaks, cloak styles and variations are a must. Please give us this. Sorry to beg lol. I know it's in Combat Trials because you want us to work for it and we will. However my point is PVP&PVE are both part of the community and neither should be punished for their style of playing because we're all Absolvers.
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