The school rewards were working

It's me TH3 R34L JINX posting on here again so hopfully my school can be fixed again. It says that i can participate in this season but non of my disciples can, matter of fact it's not counting my disciples at all it just says students and shows the disciples are mixed in with the students and it only shows the number of students. Like the names are there but they aren't so on behalf of my students. Please fix and thank you, again im on xbox one my GT is TH3 R34L JINX and my school #I.D is 27191


  • Update: My school has been totally disconnected from the servers. I have been trying to update my deck but it is a bit frustrating when i do so it says "update school failed"
    It won't even let me look at the school members or the challenges also the leaderboards wont load either. Plz fix
  • Update: All schools are fixed and up and running again we are all reconnected to the leaderboards thank you! but still one more problem my school still has that glitch to where my disciple list is still missing i don't know if any of them have fought yet so i can't say if they are allowed to participate in the season rewards or not? But i definitely know for a fact that the disciples list glitch is plauging my school. Pls fix thank you again
  • It's interesting to note that schools were working for you again as of April 29th. How about now? Are school's working for you? What about for your disciples? I started playing this game about a week ago, and have never been able to so much as successfully see a search result return for a school that I know exists. All error messages indicate failing to load.
  • null
    The schools were up about 3 weeks ago its just this game is dead an the developers have abandoned us
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