Is Windfall’s ‘Avoid’ ability supposed to be this under powered?

So Windfall? Looks and sounds great on paper but I’ve noticed that, outside of PvE it’s next to useless. In PvP the other stances abilities seem to be seriously OP by comparison. I’m wondering if it’s been nerfed recently and suffering as a result or is it just a poor stance for a newer player to use?


  • Okay seriously, the absorb ability is a joke.
  • Okay so Windfall is genuinely awful. It is terribly under balanced in comparison to every other stance. So very disappointing I don’t even know why it’s an option?
  • the numbers of players , blaming their play style or defensive ability for their losses , is to dann high.
    besides stagger with its current 12frane confirm, windfall ist the best style because it has a very good risk reward ratio.
    That not just my opinion but a opinion that many 1000h+ players support.

    i played about 1400h stagger and only about 50h windfall and im fighting almost as well with windfall
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