Sloclap!Please read this

Hello Sloclap,
greetings from Germany
In this Discussion i want to talk about the lack of content that Absolver currently has. Im playing this game now for +150 Hours and came to a point where this game still is fun but sometimes when i get to the same Area over and over to defeat the same boss over and over it just gets Boring. I know that this game is more focused on PVP but me and a lot of other players
would love to see a bigger Map ,more RPG and maybe some Stuff created by the Community. I would love to see some Opinions from fellow Players as well as from the Devs of this wonderfull Game.❤️


  • I would love a lot more pve/ story content.
    Especially a little prequel of before the downfall, to during.
    To see who the real bad people are, whether it be more corrupt Etherans, or the guides themselves.
    Does anyone know what caused the downfall?
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