Performance Update

Xbox player here! I can't believe that Ive never heard about this game until about a month before its release on Xbox, as its the kind of game that I've always wanted. Great game, plenty of content, could use more bow staff, but I already know that you guys decided you won't do that, so instead I have a different question; Will you guys be giving Absolver a performance update, that is to say lessening lag, across the board anytime soon? I know TONS of people who love this kind of stuff in a game, but all but 3 stopped playing because of the lag, especially in places like that rooftop area across that rope bridge. New features are nice, but I can state firsthand that Absolvers lag on Xbox is almost the sole reason why dozens of my friends quit Absolver cold turkey. Thank you for your time, and please, don't stop improving this game!
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