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Sorry for being such a pain in the ass for the Sloclap team. You guys are a great team and I just get kind of frustrated sometimes because it sometimes feel it is an uphill battle just to be taken seriously, but I understand that it was stupid of me to introduce myself as some kind of hotshot player and my conduct since hasn't exactly done much to improve my standings. I understand you guys are a small team facing a big challenge so I will act accordingly from now on.

Now I know you guys are not planning any major updates, but I was thinking that if you ever were; some kind of Brazilian based martial arts based style with like capoeira moves and stuff like that could work.

Something like this I guess. Sorry for the bad presentation, I'm constantly refining and improving each technique, I've already come up with more moves since I recorded this but figured I would post this here and see the reaction from the Sloclap team before I upload another video. I know there is a lot of room for improvement.

I think it is possible to create enough of a variety of moves between each stance with two handed weapons, Bo Staff included, for it to work.

With the Bo Staff specifically; there should be enough of a variety of ranges between each attack to ensure that distance doesn't become too much of a problem. The range of most attacks can probably be adjusted anyway, my only concern is that it could become a problem on the ledge map.

I also think there are a variety of one handed weapons that can easily be implemented in-game, I only had access to a dagger stick.

Not only that, I think that there is scope for a handful of new moves to be shared between the existing styles on a regular basis, perhaps in a monthly update..

I also think it would be a good idea if there was a weekly fabsolver update where timed-exclusives appear in the essence store, it could encourage players to log in each week.

Hopefully this was helpful. My regards to the Sloclap team,



  • Forgive me, but I've been broaching this subject to you guys, the Sloclap team, for a long time now. You guys have never given me a response to this even once.

    I'm sure it must be a huge drain on your limited resources just to give me a response. I'll tell you what, if you guys are not interested in working with me than just let me know. By all means, I'd rather not waste your time anymore.
  • Hello-
    you may want to read this-
    This is an open letter from the Dev Team, basically saying that there will be no more substantive updates with the game.
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    That's bullshit.
  • @colonelklutch619 , You're right it is bullshit. I don't know why people keep projecting on to Sloclap saying they said they were done with updates. They don't say that and never have. What they did say was, Quote - "the team needs to work on other projects in order to keep the company up and running. However this certainly doesn't mean we're "giving up" on Absolver," End Quote.

    ( )

    What it dose mean is that if you want to see what your suggesting in the game than they need to know that the fans and community will Make Noise for, Support and Purchase it. (You may need to create mini movement for your mini moves.)

    You want a response from Sloclap? Honestly you've got too much going on in your post. No offense. It's a wall of writing plus close to a hour of fighting moves on video which you admit are not executed well for presentation. From what i can tell Sloclap is a very honest bunch. They're not going to respond to a post that they can't find time to fully read or watch a video of. You'll get your response. Just remember to keep it short and sweet.
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    Seem's reasonable.

    I just want to say though that Sloclap are the ones who should be reassuring the community about the future of Absolver, not the other way around.

  • @colonelklutch619 I get were your coming from however understand that the context in which you are basing your customer experience on is more than likely from bigger company's that are equipped with bigger resources. Like EA or Ubisoft. These guys are no where near that big. Think, a dozen of guys in a small space programming their butts off. So if We want to get to the point where it's the other way around we have to feed them with support and money.

    Think of it as a chance to be able to help a company become big and power that still lessons to it's players closely. And has a positive relationship with them. Don't lose your passion bro! I am positive that Sloclap loves the fact you that you love the game and want to contribute but remember they are the little guy in a sea of giants. As customer, As a fan, As a Absolver you are their best hope.
  • As a humble gamer, I cannot do anything. I wish I could do more. Sloclap's concerns are purely financial, I cannot help with that. They don't want me, what they want is an investor.

    I've done all I can using the limited resources and manpower I have available.
    As a customer, I bought the game and the DLC for full-price when others got it for free. As a fan, I tried to create art(?) and content, but no one cares and I get ridiculed. As an Absolver, I've taught and trained with some of the best players around, and as a thanks they call me a retard and a loser, behind my back and to my face; and if I get angry about it then that makes me a psycho.

    If I am such a shining example to Sloclap, why have they never endorsed me throughout all that?

    They give power to the people who oppress me, If I had Sloclap's backing then maybe I could make a difference, but as it is now I can't even go on r/absolver without getting banned simply because I am colonelklutch619.

    I've even tried to rally my fellow PS4 players many times, now they just laugh at me like I'm some deranged beggar. There is honestly nothing more I can do alone.

    Now, if you think that you can rally the community into supporting you once again, I'm sorry but you do need to at least reassure/clarify with the community that Sloclap hopes to keep working on the game in a SUBSTANTIVE way (new content).before anyone will even consider giving you anymore money because they think you're down for the count.
  • Being politically correct does not equate to good morals. Show this to NanoHologuise, let him examine this post carefully.

    Do you know what the word "Absolver" means?

    It is a noun derived from the word absolve; to release from blame, sin, punishment, obligation, or responsibility. to pronounce not guilty; acquit; pardon.

    Jesus is the greatest Absolver, you should learn from him.

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  • Then show this to Jordan Layani.

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    [a] Isaiah 52:11 Any object that was considered ritually unclean.
    [b] Isaiah 52:13 he will be highly honored; or he will be restored to greatness and honor.

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