Say it aint so..

Sooo theres a bunch of hype going around that you guys at slo clap are basically walking away from absolver, i can see why people would think this with no promise of future content but... i see people talk about absolver daily, from instagram to my youtube feed i see it constantly, i get on absolver and when i run around adal i always find people at alters or wearing the ps4 exclusive gear indicating they are infact a new-ish player. Since the psplus free month, ive literally spent every absolver session helping noobs find marked ones or sparring in the open world or taking people into downfall with me...
How am i to believe that this game is dying when it still shows so much damn potential???

I wish everybody at sloclap and devolver digital all the success in the world, i really really hope this isnt the end of everything..
But if it is, then thank you.
Thank you for giving us the greatest kung fu game ever, and all the amazing memorys we created within your world.
Fold well my friends..


  • I feel you.
    I just made a clan with a ranking system and 29 people already participate.
    we just had a tourney on saturday organized and moderated by kris and it was awesome.
    the Community might not be big but its far far away from dead.
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    This is what we need, more those friendly ranking tournaments with developers backing that system up.

    We need things like that. And even school vs school tournaments were masters and disciples fight to see what school is the best. I think that things like that would help a lot. (school sessions are is a bit "dull" system in my opinion)

    Maybe even add an option where one master could challenge another and take over his school. Or a disciple can challenge a master within a school to become a new school master.
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