Wtf happened to advantage.

Almost wanted to put this in bug reports. The latest patch has completely violated combat, advantage on hit and on block seems non existent now, i speak for majority of until recently active EU ps4 players when i say that was the final nail in the coffin for us, im present in a chat with what i assume to be more than half the absolver EU ps4 playerbase since we were active almost everyday and can probably name everyone above silver. and i observed most of them flip the table and uninstall, i shortly followed.

Timing, accuracy and range perception has given way to uninterruptable light jab spamming, its a competition of who has fastest deck and presses square the most. People can win without using class abilities, its ridiculous, we went from not using the overpowered manual dodge out of honor to the opponent, and now to this. Im not complaining because ive been losing, because i haven't. But the tactics it forces me to employ just are not fun. Its mindnumbing. People used to get punished for relying on spam, now they're being encouraged. Its just annoying and frankly im done. My suggestion? Put advantage back. Keep manual dodge as it is now, then just leave combat alone. Ill have a friend let me know if this is fixed so i can reinstall.


  • Dont worry its already fixed on pc so youll get good advantages soon
  • Too bad it's taking forever to land on PS4. I don't blame the team for that. It's much more likely the Sony distribution process is moving slowly for it.
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