Absolver, I summon you to war!

Absolvers, I have a proposal.

For new and veteran players thar roam the open world, my proposal is "hostility at sight". From today i will go running around the map hitting every one I encounter. I wish you do the same thing to me if you see me.

Every time i went to different zones of the map, all the players were siting next to the altar waiting for 1v1, 3v3 or downfall dungeon, maybe they were doing nothing. Thats boring! justo go and fight anywhere you are with everyone there! Total chaos, maybe with a good compilation video of open world brutal beating with 3 players and some NPC to make it more challenging, can seduce some players looking for that kind of action. 3 shockwaves at the same time or other powers plus the npc bothering, GLORIOUS!!!!

What do you think about this?


  • Much fun for newbies that wanne play pve i guess. offline mode incoming xD . i like to fight with good players in the pve world but i wont beat up random players that mind their own buisness
  • Benriya, you will simply aggravate many players using the open world as a dojo space with friends. Yes, all the seated players is kind of annoying, but going aggro will only alienate good players from fighting you. Rather than that look at having fun being a master in your school and teaching it to others. They won't use it long and may not even need it, but it can show them new things about the game. You can use it to expose nuance in the fighting that would otherwise go missed. I for one enjoy showing people how elegantly the system works. I think it could be improved upon, but it's really amazing for a first try at a configurable combat fighting system.
  • Yes, you are right. I met with some players that didn't like the idea so i only made the request to fight. Some accepted others just entered the altar or ran away. And i added calbot to my deck for the ones that still couldn't learn it. Was a good experiment. I saw many new players, names that i didn´t recognize, that gives me hope for the future.
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