Downfall campaign sorta reminds me of a WoW dungeon, except..

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(BTW I do like WoW too, sometimes)

I really like the Downfall update - It's cool having the story progress, learning the lore, and of course all the new abilities & the faejin style to learn. It's actually pretty cool having the story spoken too, where in WoW half the time I didn't even know (or care) why I was in the dungeon - I like reading these statements that are being made.

The Boss fights are fun, especially the first time that you see these new tricks they have.. Also, I love how as you go through each area, there are different objectives and its not just "kill everyone in this room" -

Honestly, I'd love to see more of the same sort of thing - and as other have said and I'm sure would do, I'd happily pay for more content like this, or anything else that is a major undertaking on your part as developers. I really do love your work here with this game.

------------------------ /endpraise

Anyways, as far as the suggestion is concerned -

Running Downfall reminds me of running a WoW dungeon, except that in WoW each boss is going to be there to fight you as you make your way throughout the dungeon.

My suggestion is to include the first and second boss fights when someone is doing a full run through the three chapters, rather than replace their respective areas with lower type prospect-npcs.

If I'm thinking correctly, the way it is now, if you start a new campaign, beat the first boss, then you need to exit Downfall and then go back into the next chapter, but in that you need to go through all the same trials again, only to reach the same area you just beat a boss in, and fight NPCS there, and then move to the next area.. I don't understand why, at least the first time you unlock the next chapter, why doesn't the next chapter just start where you finished?

Thats all. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your consideration.

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