Bots with random combat decks

i played the PvE for long time, after a while i found out i don't get better that way and i can predict bot moves almost allways...however most people haven't got used to special abilities, i wish you could put random lost prospects (with random combat decks & cloths) so people learn their special abilities better and find PvE even more challenging. they may inspire other players to build their own deck, learn attacks slowly but widely and in variety, also they'll find habit of using special abilities.
they can also use school decks or wear school masks to represent their old mentors etc.


  • and why beginners don't access to faejin and stagger? they can allways learn new styles anyway!
  • Stagger has to be found after beating Jinn, who does use the stagger back dodge IIRC. Faejin moves are isolated to Downfall so as to not change the game play experience prior to that. You can't gain Faejin without collecting gleam first which means you need to become an Absolver. Frankly, I think that was a bad design decision, but it is also totally understandable given how it would change the experience. Like others have pointed out, I would have preferred additional map areas for the Mines, Caves, and Fold added to specific locations that you could not reach until becoming and Absolver. (I hunted down three good spots for this while playing.) In these fixed areas place your usual cast of Downfall baddies with one corrupt Scholar and Tearan at the end of each. In this way the players can learn Faejin moves like before. From those fixed areas you would enter a gateway that takes you to the randomly generated ones. The Downfall bosses would only be available in the random depths. Alas, this was not the case so no Faejin in 'upper world' so to speak.
  • check
  • thats a very good idea. unfortunatly sloclap already announced that there will be no more content added to this game
  • Which is heart wrenching to say the least....this is such a good game...i feel like we let the folks at slo clap down... i wish there was some way the we could help this game stay alive, hell id be okay with paid dlc, happy even lol
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