My steam controller layout

hi all,
i wanted to share with you guys the steam controller layout that i made for absolver. If you want to try it, I will give it a bit more polish later today or tomorrow and export it to steam's community configs.
For now, just check out the video that I posted over on Youtube. I use a touch-menu on the Left Trackpad Click, and that switches my stance instantly. The right trackpad has a click function too, but it is a radial menu that does your special move in each direction.

Here is the link :

Please do let me know what you think! Cheers


  • I should have mentioned in the first place, thanks so much for the free DLC. I love the game and I plan on exploring the new stuff soon.

    Ok, for anybody interested, here is a much more polished version now. I'm not the config actually uploaded to steam but here is both a video and a link to the layout :

    steam config ; steam://controllerconfig/473690/1128838335

    Also, FYI there is a weird glitch in the game's key configuration, when I exit the program and come back, certain binds have reappeared after deleting them. The things that came back for me were everything that I delete in the video.
  • Noticed I included the wrong link to the layout, sorry. Here it is : steam://controllerconfig/473690/1653873305
  • Hey Sloclap, again - thanks so much for this awesome game. I finally posted a review on steam, and gave it high praise. Also updated the config to something that works really well. Here is a rundown I posted on reddit :

    Well, after a lot of changes, I've got a configuration that works really well.

    This game was super tricky for me to get right, because there are different control schemes that happen during gameplay, such as when you lock a target the mouse no longer controls the camera, instead it controls your special abilities in KB mode. I had to change that in game to give the special abilities KB bindings. Those 4 special abilities activate on LPAD click, inside a modeshifted directional pad. RPAD is similar, but instead it is a 7 button touch menu that you activate via modeshift on the Rpad (mouse) click. In the invisible menu, the corners are the four stances, and the sides are primary and secondary attack. Nothing in the middle button, it being hard to reliably click for me.

    Also, there are now two action sets. One action set for gameplay, where RPAD touch is block. This action set features a layer which removes touch from RPAD when you use the joystick, and then it removes that layer when you move your finger back to the touchpad. Since your thumbs are on the touchpads when you are fighting, this works perfectly. For non-combat movement, the joystick works best, and sprint is on the outer ring binding, not needing a separate button press.

    The other action set is for menus - In the menus, the controller is a default gamepad, except that your grips return you to combat mode.

    Gosh, I think its taken about 45 stoned hours to get here, but now I am an Absolver again. Here is a video of me doing just that :

    Here is the controller layout :
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    Final build : [link](steam://controllerconfig/473690/1657215095)
    closed caption explanation of the config at the beginning
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