This game is confusing.

Maybe im just too low level to understand anything but whenever I'm fighting stuff by myself and whatnot some schmuck comes and starts spamming fast attacks that never drain them of their stamina while expending me of all mine trying to block or dodge. How can i get better at the game when They teach me next to nothing about combat? Or that people can fight you and lock you in an area even if you dont want to fight them, when youre just trying to get some practice on the hordes of ganking so? This game explains next to nothing to the player. Its not to see why this game never got big. Ai that always gank, the horrible spammy combat, the almost complete lack of guidance. I really wanted to like this game to be my next big game but I'd rather stick with For Honor but it feels awful and completely unwelcoming to new players.


  • Hey !
    I play Absolver oftenly and if there is is anything i could say it's : yes, you're probably not invested enough. BUT, don't get me wrong, that don't mean the game is perfect and you're just a noob. The game have problems, but, that don't mean it's a bad game.

    First, you complain about fast decks. Well it's just as you say : if you are khalt, just absorb, fors or wind, find the timing of the loop and use it, same for stagger. And further than your style, what's your kind as a fighter ? Do you prefer to use the mistakes of your opponent or put pressure on him ? Do you like to be tanky or ultra fast ? You have to find the style you like and stick with it, optimize it with differents combos, stats repartitions, powers and behaviour in combat. That's what i like in Absolver, it's close to a good martial art combat, you have to sharpen yourself and it allow you to use a very personnal gameplay. You just need some comitment.

    Buuuut, even with that i admit thé game is not newby friendly and thé AI is pretty demonic, but for that i would say "hey, you live on a world of combat, you have to adapt !" (Which is a poor argument). The tutorial is pretty complete through :/
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    hi nutebunsroy. are you on pc or ps4 ? if you need help learning the game on ps4 you may add Shishkabob. hes is active on reddit and often helps new players to overcome the first hard time in pvp.

    if youre playing on pc i can help you.

    here are just some basic tipps to help you.
    0.dont attack after you get hit. instead wait till you blocked a non-guard break attack and interupt a slow attack or attack after a dodge\absorb/parry block
    is holding the block only for the
    short time in wich youd get hit
    to restore stamina in between
    the opponents attacks
    2.block fast attacks
    fast attacks of 13frames and
    faster wont deal much stamina
    damage so you can tab block
    and observe the combos until you see a heavy attack that you have to interupt with a fast attack or dodge on reaction. ability for defense
    try to get used to the timing of your Style ability asap. it will be one of the greatest steps to become a good player a deck building tutorial
    most important thing about deck building is to create at least 2 (more are often better) combos that cant be interupted easiely.

    how do you prevent interupts?
    each attacks hitstun (that you can view in the details of the deck building) adds more time for you to start the next attack savely.
    an equation for this would be:
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    i dunno why my text got cut. it never happened before

    (start up -blockstun of last move smaller than13) = save from jabs as long as you gold link your attacks

    (start up-blockstun of last move smaller than15)=save from 90%of all other moves except jabs ofc (as long as you gold link)
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