20s tho?

So while i enjoy the new powers i gotta say im getting pretty bored with people doing the same exact thing every match,
please dial back the duration of sharp impact, its gotten to the point where absolutely every player in 1v1 on ps4 is running with a sharp impact spam build, which is fine its not a bad tactic at the end of the day but just like back when players used to grab punch and dash away; its "trending" with the 10% of toxic players on ps4,
so automatically most if not all the new players from the free to play period who were just getting the hang of things jumped on the hype train and haven't gotten off in months lol this isnt a complaint about the hard work yall have put into this amazing game or any player in particular,
i just wanted to ask for a discussion on the subject and maybe hear from the community

Fold well my friends.
Btw go watch ocan on youtube!


  • To encourage the fight diversity wich is obviously a/ if not the most greatest part of the game, its important to break such trends with well thought through balancing patches.

    Thats why i agree to nerf sharp impact but its although important not to rush it.
    Sharp impact got some downsides too like wargloves to protect yourself from cut damage.
    Or someone that turns around the fight with eq or exhaust and pretty much counters a great part of sharp impacts duration.

    Id suggest a duration nerf of 1-3 seconds and an extra cooldown that forces the sharp impact user to make use
    of his weapon or his other spell in the mean time to get players away from a deck that relies on sharp impact to deal damage.
    Its important that sharp impact remains useful for decks that arent build around it.
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