Hey Guys!!!

Whazzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaap?!!! Ok that was lame. Anyway, I just started playing Absolver yesterday and I gotta say, I'm absolutely in LOVE with it. Everything about the game is simply amazing, from the combat system to the graphics. The gameplay is nice and challenging, and I am proud to say that I have already become an Absolver. I was a little disappointed about how short the story was, but other than that, I have absolutely no complaints!


  • Hey Nightfall,

    Welcome to the community and thanks for your words of appreciation! We hope you will continue to enjoy getting PvP experience in the game as well as playing Downfall game mode in solo or in coop. Feel free to share your feedback with the community and us.
  • Congrats for becoming an Absolver Nightfall, i hope you have fun at the pvp too and can become good enough to ignore all the cheesing around you and have fun ;)
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