Fast jab spam cheese

How about slow that jab spam down or raiise the stamina cost of it to where the game is fun...Cant do anything against it because its so fast and uses up very little stamina while using. All you can do is block and takes your stamina away while they keep theirs.


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    Fast attacks might or might not need any changes, but there are counters to everything.
  • Consider using your school counter. All of them are great for breaking jab spammer's pace and punishing them for being bad. Especially since most fast attacks are very easy to counter.
  • Fast jabs are the easiest thing to counter attack if you have an opening attack that avoids mid attacks.
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    Everybody in this game plays Fast Kung Fu man and mashes square because it's so hard to stop. And the school counters don't work because fast players can just block or jab back before you can do anything.
  • You can use unstopable or evasive moves to counter spam attacks
  • One nice thing about martial arts and this game is that there is a counter for everything, you just need to learn when and how to use it correctly
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