Idea to bring more player and hype around this amazing game

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This game has a huge growth potential imo even without much funds you should be able to bring this (amazing) game to a new level, here are some ideas :

I- 1 Month deadline

The day you release the Xbox version of the game, release at the same time a temporary dungeon or quest or even tournament and the top 100 of this tournament will be qualified for a even bigger tournament at the end of the month.

Rewards :

50.000 -> 10.000 = A bit of fragment or a common object
10.000 -> 5.000 = 1000 fragments + a middle grade object
5.000 -> 1.000 = 1000 fragments + a rare item + a gem (i can't remember the english name of this)
1.000 ->500 = ... + a exclusive animation
500->100 = ... + a exclusive animation of intro
100 ...

I just wrote this as an exemple.

Cost : $
- Time creating the tournament / dungeon
- Money is only necessary for a bit of advertisement to explain the tournament since the prize can all be In Game item

Benefits : ++
- More new players
- The game could enter the eyes of investissor seeing the tournament ...
- Cool event for the already existing community

II - Set up an in game shop

Don't cry yet by this idea i don't mean Pay to Win ! I mean that you could buy "skins". For exemple i got the whole set of an equipment that has good stats for me in the shop already existing (The one where you can't buy via real money) but i think it's ugly i would then buy a skin of assassin for example who is at 4,99$ with this skin regardless of what equipment i have if equiped i would look like a ninja. This won't affect the gameplay in anyway but with this the community could "help" you in exchanges of cool skin that won't affect them.

Extension : You can also make "Box" like in Counter-Strike if the player want to try his luck and gain a awesome skin without paying the direct price ;)

PS: Don't use CS stat's of winning it would be a scam :wink:

I hope it help you, we love this game and it is awesome but we can also understand that you won't be able to do anything without money so nobody would blame you moreover those 2 ideas are rather ethical in my opinion.

If you see any kind of error or miscalculation or even complete this suggestion feel free to do it :smile:



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    PS : If the first idea is a tournament advertise it at the release of the Xbox version but the tournament should begin one or two weeks letter to let the new player try hard to catch up :)
  • Hey Antique,

    Thanks for your positive vision and sharing your ideas with the community and us. We can't promise that your suggestions will be implemented in the game, but we are glad to know about your excitement about Absolver. Do not hesitate to share more thoughts and ideas!
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