Team Techniques

Hello, i just got a strange idea but that could be interesting in the future.

The idea is that some tehniques can "fuse" for example i use a low-kick and my friend does the same on the same ennemy at the same time then a new effect appear (it can make the opposant fall for example since his two legs got hit at the same time; or any kind of thing)

It could create good strategy in team battle as well as an unlimited amount of move to try and create for players, some move will get along and bring great effect while some will have the opposite effect.

This idea is probably really hard to made so just keep it in mind if you like it and if note you can just delete the post :)

Keep doing the good job dev's


  • Hey Antique,

    Thank you so much for sharing your idea! We can't promise to implement this idea in the game, but we appreciate it when our players share their thoughts about Absolver. So we are not going to delete your post, feel free to discuss this idea, add more details or share your new ideas with community and us.
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