2v2 gamemode

I would first like to say that the downfall update is really boring once you get level 10 in that gamemode. The 3v3 gamemode is far to laggy (not all matches), and because of that also frustrating and not fun to play. So I want to suggest a 2v2 gamemode.

How the potential 2v2 gamemode will work:

-One teammate and one enemy spawn near each other at a specific spawn point and the other teammate and enemy somewhere else.
-Best out of 5 rounds.
-Round ends when both players from one team die.
-both teams are given the option to double team an opponent or not (could make the gamemode more unique and challenging).

Other suggestions if this gamemode will be implemented:

-Seasonal 2v2 challenges where you can fight alongside a disciple or mentor of your school.

*Maybe it could be played with other players outside your school so it doesn't have to be school focused. Teaming up with other players outside your school could also bring interesting teams.*

*Both players have to agree to fight alongside each other before the season starts. This could work if one of the players sent a request to the other player. The other player could choose to accept or refuse the request of the player. Once you accepted an invitation for 2v2, you can't join another player.*

-Leaderboard for 2v2 gamemodes (Best teams with most points)

Thank you for your time,



  • Hey MR_REEY7,

    Thanks for your suggestion about adding 2v2 game mode. For sure this is not the first time we hear such an idea, though we appreciate that you have shared details and some options. I have passed along your thought about the 2v2 game mode to the rest of the team, but we can't promise that it will be implemented in the game. Thank your input and do not hesitate to share more thoughts about Absolver.
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