Some suggestions i'd like to see in the game :)

Hey there,

Some suggestions i'd like to see in the game :)

- New zones PVE in the Adal Plaines
- Develop the lore in the PVE zones, with some pnj or secret things to discover
- A new PNJ with which we could learn new technics. We select the new technics we want to learn and we fight him in 1v1 to learn them, in exchange of cristals or money.
- More weapons
- More weapons
- More weapons ^^
- A new mode in 1v1, only for weapons fight. We could select before the match begin the weapon we want to use. We could change weapon after a lost round in the way to counter our opponent.
- More new fighting styles
- More 1v1 arenas
- Add lightning, thunder, strong wind or rain in 1v1
- Downfall is gorgeous, of course another donjon :D
- More outfit locations

This game got a huge potential, please continue your great work Sloclap !


  • Hey Amha,

    Thanks for all your suggestions! Though we can't promise to add everything you have listed to the game we are glad to hear that you see huge potential in Absolver. Feel free to add more details to your ideas, discuss them with the community and share your feedback about the game!
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