Krav Maga, Gracie Groundfighting, other fighting styles

First off, I just came back to this game, so if things are a little off, I apologize in advance. That being said, I have heard they added in a new fighting style, Bruce Lee’s. I have yet to unlock it (don’t know how), but I am excited to. I would love to see the developers add in some more fighting styles, like Gracie or Krav Maga. I’ve taken both, and have to say they’re a lot of fun. I feel like they’d go really well into the game. I think they would be really well received.

This is just a suggestion, but would be super cool


  • Hey KravMagaMMAб

    Faejin Combat Style is unlockable in Downfall PVE mode, hope you will enjoy playing it.

    We appreciate your suggestion about adding more fighting styles, like Gracie or Krav Maga, though we can't promise to add them to the game. Anyway, we are thankful for your participation in the life of the community and hope you will continue sharing your ideas and impressions about Absolver.
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