Absolver MOBA style 3v3 or 4 v 4

So. I love the concept. Absolver with its dynamic team fights and load out of shard casting abilities could definitely fill the MOBA shoes.
I'm thinking standard 3 lane map. It'd be coolest in the fold, forest, or tower of adal. Force players to defend routes that are more complex than the standard lane. Hazardes areas like spikes, falling floors, and other traps. Maybe even some player placed/activated traps. Minions could start as basic lost prospects and a few casting bird shamen, then progress to the lesser faejin found in the mines. Granting gleam for your kills and job well done you then buy your shards. Buy your powers that you can switch out at base. Further the addition of temporary armor, weapons, traps, items and stronger lane minioms can also be purchased. The jungle should contain the yellow bar high stam and health. Killing one of Arcell's knights grants mid level of the khalt hit resistance. The name escapes me at the moment its gonna kill me, ugh.
The goal is to destroy 1 enemy statue, a wall keeping their boss safe and of course the boss itself. When a boss is killed it shouldn't be end game though. The players themselves have to be killed should the defensive team win this final stand, they have the choice to fight, earning gleam at an excellerated rate for that chance at pooling their gleam to res their leader or simple give up.
The map should be multi layered. Maybe add some doors ;3
Tools around the map would be great, like whole team rushing to certain spots for a buff but also theirs a shoulder guard maybe a shard or two of red shards that heal, idk man. I need to put more thought but that's what SloClap is for right? Go ahead devs. Fuck up my vision. I'll appreciate the form you present seeing as everyone says this game is trash yet rarely do I turn it off.
Could we please get another style???
I'm thinking Outlanders. Ability skill shadow dance. Much like windfall except used to gain angles and close distance quickly. Shadow dance left will dodge you backward then diagonally left both leaving the feint looking black effect. Forward on the stick will dance straight forward but still two feint frames both to confuse but also make the timing a Lil difficult on the user. Back stance shadow dancing will rotate the player 360 if timed on an opponents hit and act like a khalt absorb but since no resilience is applied the spin kinda does some Hyuga action.
Y'all need more ideas??? I really love video games. Especially this one. You should check my dabsolvers


  • Hello OVOMannie,

    Thanks for your suggestions! Though we can't promise implementation of all these ideas, we are thankful for sharing them with us. For sure you can share more thoughts about Absolver here.
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