Defensive ability delay.

Is this a problem that everyone is having or is it just me? I play forsaken and I’ve noticed what seems like a noticable input delay when fighting against people with really fast combat decks. It seems nearly impossible to activate your parry. I know I’ve heard people speak of impact frames causing input delays but I was wondering if this is a confirmed issue. It is really frustrating trying to use my parry to stop a speedy deck, that’s depleting my stamina, only to fail and get punished more for it. -.-

Please share your thoughts or facts on this.


  • its not just you and not just against fast decks. that input delay appears for almost all styles since downfall. i only didnt notice it with windfall somehow. but im not completely sure why this whole things happens
  • This game is so frustrating right now. My feint>parry rarely ever works. I feel like I’m at such a disadvantage playing forsaken. Think I’m going to switch to a different style or just stop playing until they release an update.
  • well it would only work if you change to windfall i guess. otherwise id advice to change the playstyle a bit. theres no nessacity in parrying 12 frame moves and faster ones. every player blocks them or presses the defensive ability before the opponents even starts the attack.
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