Community support for the future and whirlwind double punch

I've read where others want a custom build option to create new worlds. If we had the ability to create custom layouts for the world on servers it would be amazing. Imagine a world that others create and you could travel to. Maybe blocks that could be positioned with different openings and custom npc layouts. This could be a lot of fun and keep absolver forever evolving.

I would also love if there was a big open world with many players. Maybe a deathmatch with clans on an open world scale? Or a team to beat an offensive front and take an emperors head. Something like that would be nice. Right now lag ruins a lot of gaming experience in pvp too. I hope that gets cleaned up.

On another note whirlwind double punch is horrible. I refuse to put in in my deck even if it is the only option. I would be fine with just a low power sweep instead. I really think this move is just not fun to play against. I have put in decks and others complain about it. I dont want people to think I won just because the move is in my deck. I mean come on. It is low, double hit and sweeping.. That equals super annoying.

I love this game. Keep it coming. It is unique and refreshing in a world of duplication. It just needs more content. Please make this game so the community can keep it growing even if you run out of resources. I think there is so much potential in this game, but I think it will ultimately depend on added layers of player involvment and creation if it is going to survive. Long live the king!


  • Hey Megafury,

    Thanks for your feedback about the game and your suggestions on how to add more fun to the game. We can't promise that your ideas will be implemented in the game, but we are happy that you care about the game future, Do not hesitate to continue sharing your thoughts about Absolver.
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