Quick step dodge

Why can people who are not windfall dodge through any of my attacks with the quick step? I watch as kick after kick goes through their head with no damage then it counts as a dodge and breaks my chain. the only thing quick step should be doing for dodging is getting out of range. I would understand if it only worked when it kept them from getting hit but it shouldn't allow them to dodge through attacks.


  • Exactly, and this issue has been one of the main topics on reddit since the downfall patch.

    Many players hope for a fix soon after the xbox release wich is although very soon.
    im pretty sure Those "I-frames" (invincible) the manuel dodge has , wont last very long.
  • The worst thing about manual dodge is 90% of people spam it in 1v1. They beat you and talk crap. This game has some toxic people. I dont even buy the negative emotes and always give thumbs and encouragement. This game is becoming negative and depressing to me. Too much cheese, crap talking gamers and imbalance is driving me away.
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    well not on pc eu. there is almost no manuel dodge abuse and we dont fk each other up ,most of the time.
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