New Gamemode idea - Rebellion.

By the vague hints it seems that Guides are not as good as they seem, and it seems that Risryn has rebelled against them. So I thought that maybe this can be turned in a seasoned game mode called rebellion - a 2v2 attack-defend battle where the goal is for one team to destroy the other team's essence reserves. Also, there are bots on both teams, but the Guides will have more, but less powerfull bots. In case there are not any players available, they can be replaced with bots (after 5 min of queue time). At the start of each season players can choose their faction (either the Guides or Rebels), and win points for that faction by scoring victories. Rewards after each season are calculated similar to rewards for school challenges, based on activity, but members of the winning faction get a 25% more loot. You could make the seasons longer, fewer and far between, and have new maps and/or items introduced each season, not unlike how For Honor system. I believe this will increase the player base by significant amount. Also, in case it is hard for you financially, i am not against paying for this mode. I very much want to see this game stay alive for as long as possible, you really have made a masterpiece guys.

Moreover, i want to say that I nominated Absolver for the "Labor of Love" Steam award, and encourage all other players to do the same, for I believe that Absolver sincerelly deserves it.


  • Hi DaniksIrKRUC,

    Thanks for your kind words about the game and your idea of the seasoned game mode "Rebellion". I can't promise that it will be implemented in Absolver, but I want you to know that your suggestion has been passed along to the rest of the team for further review. Thank you so much for sharing your idea and being passionate about the game!
  • it sounds pretty cool. would love to see this in absolver
  • sounds really great. :)
  • My guy. Your idea has got some creative contagion. I wish I knew more lore. Very well said. Very good idea for a game mode. I'd play something like this.
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