Customizable 1v1 map (private 1v1 map)

I have this idea where you could customize your own 1v1 map for private matches. You are able to buy decorations in the essence shop with fragments to decorate your own personal 1v1 map. It would also be really nice if you could get like seasonal decorations that you can put in your own map. This can stimulate people to play more school challenges.


  • Hi Unknown_Player,

    Thank you for your suggestion about customizable private 1v1 maps. Sounds interesting! I have passed it along to the rest of the team, though I can't promise it will be implemented in the game. Anyway, we are happy to receive your ideas about making the game more attractive to the players, so do not hesitate to share more thoughts on Absolver.
  • sounds like alot of effort but nevertheless a nice idea
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