Connectivity Issue

Hi everyone, having a bit of trouble connecting to the servers. I've attached a screenshot of the error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


  • Greetings Blue_Eyed_Hexe,

    We’re really sorry about the connectivity issue encountered. It looks like the game client cannot fetch your Steam ID, and thus connect you to the game.

    - A “Ghost” Absolver application could still be active in the background, could you press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and look into it please? If two Absolver.exe applications appear, please terminate them and relaunch the game.

    If you have no “Ghost” Absolver in your list of processes, the issue could come from Steam:
    - Could you reboot your computer and try again?
    - Could you backup your saves and try to reinstall Steam please?

    Thank you for your patience & support!
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