Stagger changes.

No goldlinking into forward charge. It’s honestly obnoxious.

Backward defensive ability is a little overpowered. None of attacks connect with it. My horizontal moves are understandable. However Jump Out Elbow? Miss. Back Turn Wrist? Miss. Jumped Light Kick? Hit or miss. Literally 50/50 right now. Those are all my thrust/vertical attacks. I’d say this needs a fix. And it’s needed it for the longest time.

Also, I have Knee Strike as well but I don’t think I’ve ever tried to use that against this particular move. My only move that consistently connects is charged haymaker. And I can’t really spam that often lol

Whenever I’m up against a stagger user they eventually default into using that idiotic backstep. I think the first change I mentioned could stay if this backstep kick was actually fixed. Cuz it’s literally broken. Not in an overpowered way necessarily, but not working as intended. Proof being that Jumped Light Kick, a thrust, SOMETIMES works. And SOMETIMES doesn’t. No consistency with it.

That being said I’m gonna have to change a few things around in this deck. Maybe see if any other thrust attacks happen to work


  • Stagger:
    Increase adv. on hit of Stagger Front (+1)
    Stagger Back doesn’t avoid thrust attacks anymore

    thats a patchnote from the downfall patch and i can assure you there is only one thrusts that can be backdodged with stagger and that is grab punch AND its a bug. Back turn wrist can definitly not be backdodged by any means but you might be out of range. and yes verticals can still be backdodged. in return stagger has no hit confirm and smaller stamina regneration than other styles.
    Many new players tend to say that stagger is overpowered while advanced players tend to think stagger is underpowered. Here is how you counter it.:
    -stagger hits, hit to fast back to feint into another attack BUT you can feint into your defensive ability to get free stamina with khalt or free damage onto the stagger boi when youre playing on of the other styles.
    -aside from that, stagger dodges are slow and must be on point, that means you can fk up most stagger players by delaying a couple of your attacks from time to time. espacially attack with 12 frame start up or less are good counters
    -gold linked attacks with 12 or faster start up can only very rarely be dodged and only if the stagger player presses dodge before you press attacks. that means feinting a 12 frame sweep in a side dodge is pretty effective. just for example
    -even without a feint you can parry the stagger dodge after you failed a fast attack, by pressing absorb, parry or so on immediatly

    and there is even more
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