Make targeting more like a souls game

I want to enjoy this game. I really want to. And for the most part, I have. Sure, there are a few nitpicks I have here and there, but overall, my experience has been great.

That is, until Cargal and Kilnor.

The pattern for this fight is actually neat; hit one of them enough, and the other steps in. But since the threshold for this switch is low, you need to keep switching targets rapidly in order to stay alive. However, with the current system for targeting, that is nearly impossible.

I play on PS4, and having to hold R1 while using the right stick to switch targets is slow, and trying to do it quickly results in activating whatever is bound there (absorb for me). Because of this, you have to create a large gap between you and whichever sibling is about to attack just to lock on. This is tiring and usually results in a beating.

In order to fix this, I propose a system much more like the Souls games. I saw a post about something like this from 2017, and decided to bring it up again. It's simple; switch targets using just the stick, or a separate button, to preserve the right stick's secondary function.

Of course, there could be a reason as to why this hasn't been done, in which case, I'l probably stop playing to save my fingers (and brain) the suffering. If anyone else could bring up a reason, feel free to. Thanks!


  • Preferable to even that, use intuitive targeting ala Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Aside from the Batman Arkham games, hands down the best platform targeting implementation in the field.
  • yes pls, just let us switch targets with only the right thumbstick....there are just a few basic flaws in this game that make it feel off..the targeting and the inability to jump as well as way you have to switch stances...if these where improved im pretty sure a lot more people would be able to appreciate the game...but thats just my thoughts..
  • There's a setting that lets you change targets by attacking with the stick leaned toward the enemy you want to hit.
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