Gameplay has become as little slow!

My usual deck has become a bit useless and after looking at the forum I see I'm not alone.
I built my deck with mobility in mind but for the most part it seems most attacks are at the same speed lvl with exception to slow attacks and the new style that came out.


  • Can u post your deck so we know what u are talking about.? That would be nice.
  • Yea same here Bolt

    it might be a bug or Slocap made it that way not sure :disappointed:
  • Hi bolt! I know exactly what you mean, and I may have some answers for you. All attacks have different kinds of frames and frame advantages/disadvantages. These indicate how many frames you gain/lose when attacking and gold chaining. After the last update all attacks that avoid also disable your opponents ability to gold chain. Additionally (although I don't remember if it was acknowledged in the patch notes) avoids do seem to work slightly different now too. All avoids MUST be activated AFTER the attack you are avoiding. It cannot be predictive, it must be reactive.

    Because of this, many players are finding that the game has slowed down a bit and attacks that would normally work are being interrupted in the middle of startup. It took me some time to get used to, but the game is much more of a skill matchup now than a spam fest. Spammers are less vulnerable now to any kind of button mashing, but now, learning to use and understand timing in the game is crucial to avoid getting hit, and getting a few hits in yourself.

    Yes the game is literally slower now, but it's not a bad thing. I have always found fighting slower and putting more emphasis on timing to be very effective, and I see the game evolving in a way that teaches players to get a jump start on the learning curve for advanced play. The batter a game can prepare its player base for high level play, the better the overall quality of matchups.
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