Kahlt new bug.

Ok so Over and over again someone will use Kahlt defensive abilitie. Absorb ONE hit. And all of a sudden hit me while my next attack is connecting to them. And yes. It connects. The combo is back turn wrist > spin elbow > Back Ura. And alternatively, back turn wrist > Back Ura.

No clue what’s going on here but many kahlt users have absorbed one of these attacks, only for Back Ura to connect, but they still don’t flinch when they’re using an attack CLEARLY slower than it. For the love of this game please fix this. It’s honestly fucking infuriating. Especially when toxic players decide to be toxic as if they won without any kind of exploit


  • Have you seen the "impact" of back ura. If it is weak, it is probably when a kalht absorve a hit they resillience level increase to 1 and it can pass through weak impacts hits.
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    back ura is a medium move. if you absorb both back turn wrist and spin elbow you get 2 resilliance and can tank medium move. its not a bug its a feature.

    this only works for 2 very fast absorbs in a row since the resilliance wont last long
    but for the string youve shown, itll definitly work
  • Yeaaaaa I realized this hours after posting it. Lol Resilience is annoying but whatever. Kahlt kinda needed it. I’ve since stopped using that string on most Kahlt users. Thank you tho guys, I’m always glad to see this forum still active
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