Team Based PVP Should have Phrases/Emote with Phrase message

if its for PVP 3v3 it should be possible
phrases like were they can be selected like a emote
this would allow players to utilise strategy and game plan in a Team Pvp match

Gameplan Phrases
"attack enemy post"
"flee / regroup"
"attack enemy's"
"defend base"
"follow me"
"dont follow me"
"help me"
"play defensively"
"play offensively"
"take over enemy post"
"defend enemy post"
"defend our post"
"attack my enemy"
"split up and attack"

positive phrases (needed to raise the moral of team mates)
"good work
"thank you"

negative phrases (needed to bring teams attention to mistakes)
"this is bad"
not good"
"focus on game plan"
"dont get distracted"
"wrong move"

Conclusion (6 point)
1. This would be Necessary when teamed up with random players
not PSN/PC friends )

2. Can be selected instantly combat like a emote menu

3. The emote menu can be switched out for a Phrase menu in 3v3 team based Pvp

4. the phrase will appear at the bottom left side of screen

5.Allow room for strategy and place of focus on teammates mates objectives

6. The emotes could have a phrase attached with them when a emote is executed
a message appears on screen like Destiny type Emotes

Example Destiny Emotes Appear with Phrase message


  • Hey DarkShadowStep,

    Thanks for your suggestion about improving in-game communication with Emotes-phrases. I have passed it along to the team, but can't promise it will be implemented in the game. Thank you so much for being so active with your ideas!
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