Add Option to disable enemy Health and Stamina bars and on screen details for 3x3 matches

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For those of us that have strange dyslexia like features in our heads, having the screen littered with a ton of symbols and meters is very hard on both the eyes and head. It would be really awesome if I could simply turn off the enemy HUD altogether so that I can have a clear view of all my enemies in the frame. This is probably most problematic in the 3x3 matches as all the location symbols clutter the screen to the point I can't focus on what I need to see. It's genuinely physically painful to the eyes.

For those of you that think, oh man how could you play without the enemy health or stamina bar? Believe me, not having that to distract me from reading my opponents moves or watching my own blocks and hits would make the game dead gorgeous to play and a lot easier on the eyes. Also, please move the player stamina bar to top of screen like the health bar. That too would open up some visibility in the frame. On second thought, it would make super good sense to move the health bar down to the bottom of the screen on the left and put the stamina on the bottom right. Top or bottom, either way, putting them in the corners would help to open up the frame.

If you absolutely have to have some visual feedback try this on for an idea. Color the impact of the hit or block with the appropriate color of the enemy and meter. Set the brightness above a given visible thresh hold according to the meter's current state, such that when they block the impact flash reflects the current state of the stamina. When you hit have the impact flash reflect the state of the health. Make the flash dimmer as the meter gets weaker. That's 100% intuitive and would look cool as well. By the way, it occurs to me this would look really cool against multiple opponents as they would flash different shades of color during the fight.


  • Hello matthewpmcguire,

    Thank you for the suggestions for improving HUD with additional options and getting more visual feedback. I have passed along your ideas to the rest of the team, but can't promise they will be implemented in the game. Anyway, we are glad to know your thoughts about improving the game and making it more intuitive. Feel free to continue sharing your thoughts with community and us.
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