New dye system maybe

I had a problem where I wanted to choose a color dye, but the color scheme I wanted wasnt an option. So then I thought of an option of being able to choose what colors you want. You could choose a primary, secondary, and tertiary or something like that.


  • Oh yeah, and I dont know if anyone else has had this idea, but if they did I agree and support them.
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    Allowing Dye for Multiple layers on a single jacket
    the saiyan armour as example multiple parts of it can be dyed in Xenoverse 2

    Costumes like these were the major part is undeyeable
    only a small portion takes the fun away

  • Greetings manyays & DarkShadowStep,

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll pass these along to the rest of the team. While I can't promise any of it will make it into the game, we do want to make sure we review all player feedback and suggestions to stay focused on adding/change things to the game that the community wants.

    Thank you once again for your support! :smile:
  • Thanks :)
    I love this game and how you guys keep adding amazing new stuff to it.
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