Combat Trials need more than just a rematch option

Hi there, just a thought that a continue or 'find new player' option would be nice after 1 vs 1's. If you don't want to rematch the same player again but they still want to fight you, you currently have to just quit and return to an altar then start it up again which is quite annoying having to go through that long loading screen every time you want to fight a new player, I feel it needs a 'find new player' option so that pvp is quicker and flows from match to match.


  • Yes I agree! The only other thing would be a Players tab. I've fought some new players, very high ones, and wanna give em' alittle "Nice one!" or "Good fighting!" ya know?
  • The long loading time is because it has to find another player and connect you to them.
    But I agree, There should be another button "Find another player" or whatever.
    Sure, it is not much time saved (Leave 1v1, click the altar, queue for 1v1 again takes probably like 4 seconds) vs clicking 1 button, but it is just much more convenient, and I think a thing that many people do.
  • Leaving a 1vs1 clicking altar and queuing again definitely takes more than 4 seconds?!? That loading screen alone is at least 10-15 seconds. So annoying having to leave and queue every time i want to fight a new person, it would be soooo much more efficient for pvp to just flow from game to game...
  • Also the matchmaking needs to be mixed up a lot more, the amount of times i've queued again just to be put against the same player who just kicked my ass is ridiculous, i thought that's why rematch is there in the first place???
  • Agreed and also suggested in other posts. If past is any prologue, this one looks popular enough to be addressed. Let's be patient and see if it appears in a smaller update.
  • On the time it takes to continue searching....

    Consider that to force leave a given player you must also quit the game mode. This also removes you as a potential candidate for other player searches. When you initiate a new search you go back in the pool. Sounds like it isn't that much but since you are updating a search db that needs to handle large scale searches it's going to be a problem. As people leave to search again they inadvertently thrash the db index popping in and out of it.

    Comparatively, if you clicked "Please Anlek Find me a New Combatant" you immediately go back in the potential search pool and initiate a search. Note also that the game mode state is not reloaded as well. That eliminates both UI interaction costs and runtime costs. Also potentially reduces network overhead during game mode changes as well. Please note that I am guessing based on application behavior alone. I have not measured the CPU or IO performance on a disk or network level during any testing cycle to verify this mechanically.

    In short, adding the button short cuts a ton of wasted application processing out of the UI lifecycle or story.
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