So Much Potential, So many Problems, and So Little Fun

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The game at best is okay. My problem with this game is as follows:

1) The defense system sucks, and can not keep up with the flurry and speed of attacks gold-linking allows.

2) Any game that does not allow for a player to play so well they can potentially get a "perfect" performance is not a well-made game.

3) The game (hence the developers) can't make up their mind if they want the combat to be close to realistic or a fantasy fest where haymakers connect before jabs do.

4) As a person that fights in RL I find it annoying that things that should make sense don't. I build my deck based on what I know would work in a RL scenario only to get my ass handed to me because my opponent keep spamming one-hit immunity uppercuts in the middle of my (what should have advantage) attacks. His/her stamina will be just fine after performing such a powerful and wide-range move, while I block it and get more than 50% of my stamina annihilated. Dodging it is possible, but risky, since dodging also cost stamina - not that it shouldn't, but somethings got to give. If I block a "one-hit" immune attack, it should cost me no stamina to block it; especially since when it connects its such a huge pay off. Or since it hits so hard, if a player dodges it, it should cost the one using it a big chunk of THEIR stamina. Balance that crap out somehow. It's broken!!!

5) This is connected to (#4), but the NPCs need to lose way more stamina than they do. The barrage of attacks that they relentlessly do, and to be surrounded by multiple enemies attack with "one-hit" immunity haymakers behind me, from the side, and in front? It's too much and unbalanced! Give me something to fight these odds. Where's the adrenaline rush? While I'm assigned my measly amount of stamina to block with, dodge with, attack with, and run away with; and don't let them have weapons too - oh no- the NPCs just keep on attacking until the player is worn down; trucking like they don't have to worry about anything. They can throw all the attacks they want and barely lose 30% of their stamina. And lets not discount Kahlt's ability to conveniently give them a refill as they just effortlessly block any and everything that's not a guard breaker. *Cough* Broken!!!

6) Other players being so dense that they continuously jump in to already ongoing fights even at the expense of hitting the other player. And they will stupidly keep attacking like they can't plainly see that we are hitting each other because their dumb self keeps hitting the enemy while I'm already engaged directly in front. Nope they keep throwing hooks and spin-kicks. So I have to back away so as to not get KO'd by the random I teamed-up with.

7) There is no return for stamina. Where is the reward system for dodging well? The same way there is gold-linking to reward good offensive timing; there should be some sort of feature that aids a player in keeping their stamina up if they dodge well or have good counter-strikes timing. Please fix it. Waiting for stamina to regenerate during fast-pace combat is like watching a plant grow.

8) Gold-linking should have a downside. We may be able to attack faster, but the stamina bar should also deplete faster than normal. Maybe something like the stamina bar will glow gold indicating that the player has entered in to a "free-flow" combo, and now their stamina is getting drained as a result.

9) Without the powers that are attainable in the game, and being heavily reliant on them (especially Shockwave); there is very little possibility of fighting without getting hurt. It's like we (the player) are forced to take a hit no matter how good we are, and that's not cool. I have done very well in the only to soon after come in to a room I have to enter and end up facing five enemies by myself. Really? Show me a Youtube video of someone handling that without getting hit or most likely dying.


  • How long u been Absolving? What ur current level?
  • How long u been Absolving? What ur current level?

    Since it was first free. My current level is five triangles at level 22, and 71 in overall game difficulty.
  • Yeah I came in during the ps+ Promo era too and I feel ur pain BUT give it time and don't let urself get too frustrated.

    Find a good School that's not hung up on wins or losses but focus on flow and proper sparring can help you see angles.

    Check out #QW11

    In my opinion this the the best fighting simulator and I know it's great if it can make me shelf gtao.
  • I hear you, but trust me when I tell you that I've been giving this game a thorough chance for the pass few months. Also, just for the record I'm not too concerned about the wins as I am a fair, fluent, and fun game play experience.

    I can take an "L" if I legitimately lose due to being outmatched, but when I am losing because the npcs are connecting attacks while I'm not even near them... that pisses me off. I've taken pictures, and video of these unaddressed glitches, on top of the extremely buggy server that has enemies running sideways and teleporting. Not to mention the insane reach many of these moves already have as the npc slides in a bit covering more ground before hitting me with an overhand.

    If I have to I will upload the vids to Youtube so everybody can see this nonsense. Oh, and by the way, I mentor my own school (#MV01) so I can't join another one.
  • Type on Youtube in the search box, "The Problem W/ Absolver." To see why I'm starting to hate the game.
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