Character deleted

I sent an email to about my deleted character but thought I would post here on the off chance the devs see this first or the community could help me. Email is as follows...

My character was deleted from the game sometime between 1:30am EST and 9:45am EST the character had the name Surgie, female, forsaken, 18 str 18 vit 12ish vig and a few more points scattered I was about to fight the final boss of the story and had not done any CT. I can’t remember how much essence I had at the time. I had about 10 hours on the character and a couple moves unlocked so I was wondering if there was a way for me to get the character back some how.

Thanks for any help in advance


  • Currently talking with support via email no assistance required
  • Hey! Really sorry to hear that. I wont be much help of getting your character back, but I have every stagger, forsaken, khalt, and windfall moves. Also most of the faejin. I'm also at a pretty ok level, so if you want to start a new one, I don't mind teaching you a bunch of moves and giving you some levels from fighting. All up to you though. :)
  • hoping I can get a verdict on what the devs plan to do later today I may take you up on the offer regardless of the out come though if that's all right
  • Oh yeah! Sure thing, that's why I offered. :)
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    well after starting a new character I got back to where I was and mid boss fight i got EAC kicked: Violation when I don't think i did anything wrong. Haven't played an CT yet either what is going on with this why can't I beat the story.
    edit the absolver gods heard me and realized I didn't do anything wrong and told anti-cheat it messed up.
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