Accidentally Deleted Character - PC

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I accidentally deleted my characters because I didn't understand why there was a duplicate. Everyone has been saying to go back into my AppData and my save files to locate my characters. I did so and my characters still have a -1.sav. I'm just not sure how to restore the file because I'm pretty sure it's corrupted. So my question is it possible to restore my characters and how would I go about doing it on PC.


  • Hello j7a0i8,

    If there is still save files located in the Save folder, zip a copy of your save folder and send it to us at support_pc (at) sloclap (dot) com, and we'll review it and see if we can help.

    Thank you for your patience.
  • I also deleted a character accidentally when I wanted to delete one of my friends that tried it out but didn't like it it was called kamen rider XV
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