Bo Staff Martial Arts & Meditation Practice Co-op Request

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I would request the developers of Absolver to introduce two new features, which are Bo Staff Martial Arts as a weapon, and for the meditation mode to be able to go online in co-op. (So you can practice your fighting skills against your friends without the worry of constantly dying.)

Thanks! :)


  • Yes I agree! Great ideas.
  • Hey Jira,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Actually, a lot of players asks about these things.

    I would like to quote here the answer of our Creative Director given in the Q&A on Reddit recently:

    "We'd actually started prototyping bo staff, but it turned out to be much more complex than other weapons (notably because it is a two handed weapon). Not only would it be a huge effort on production side, but it also would be a balancing nightmare to add a new weapon with lots of new moves. So at this stage it's very unlikely that Bo Staffs will find their way in the game.

    I must apologize for this, because it's my mistake honestly: I decide to leave images of the Staff in the reveal trailer ("team black") and in the loading concept art, although at the time we weren't sure we would be able to implement it. But it looked so cool, and I really wanted to believe we would be able to achieve it, so I decided to go for it, creating lots of expectations and disappointment with players... sorry about that."

    I hope that helps to clarify the situation with Bo Staff.
  • I think you are selling yourself a little short there with the bo staff thing. Yes it's work, but not insurmountable with what you have today. The upfront issue that bo staff fighting is extremely unlike a sword style makes it seem you are stuck with a facing system that won't do the trick. Bo fighting is different but it can be broken down using the same four directions and stances as well. The Soul team does a great job of this with Kilik who is a bo staff kung fu fighter, traditionally monkey style to most. In it you have the usual horizontal, vertical, and thrust type moves just as in Absolver. I dare say a lot of them would translate fairly well. Off the cuff the Defensive ability should be like Avoid for up and down but like Absorb for left and right. Man that's a wicked idea. However, Bo moves should have some mobility limitations due to weapon size and shape. For instance you can't effectively go from front right to rear right without using a weaker cross or jab like motion with the end of it. By comparison going from front right thrust to rear left vertical can carry heavy momentum. Use some common sense, model it after Monkey Style, and it should fit in nicely. Since you just did a Bruce Lee inspired release, maybe a Monkey King inspired Style release would give you a vehicle for adding Bo staff fighting. This actually makes really solid business sense as well. With each release you add new fighting styles with weapons and further expand the game as a whole. If I had my druthers I would work on a Kendo based style that REQUIRES a proper Katana for the style. Given that Bo staff was already hinted at, you should probably do it first. Oh how I wish I could wander about with a proper Katana though. Kendo should be very hard to use but devastating when done right. Defensive ability for Kendo, both Avoid and Absorb, but entirely dependent on if blocking is active. If blocking, Absorb, if not blocking, Avoid. That's a really wicked idea.
  • Hey matthewpmcguire,

    We appreciate your detailed vision of how Bo staff could be implemented in the game. We'll consider that while working on the game further, but we won't commit now adding bo staff to the game. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, continue doing that, please!
  • You can't stop me!!! :smiley:
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    Just looked up the Monkey King martial art, it reminds me a lot of the staggered style. Not sure though. Love the idea!

    Looked up the wrong thing, but I looked up the right one. Still reminds me of it but it'd be cool in the game!
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