Fix the BS PVP matchmaking, or at least give us a less difficult way to level up combat trials.

Every time I try to go duel someone or do a 3v3, I'm always pitted against combat level 50 and above, rarely someone close to mine (17). I can't even get one hit in, and I only get one token for completing the match. I'm sick of it! I cant enjoy the PvP that this game was made for because I'm constantly forced to fight high levels when I'm still taking my baby steps. I don't get the chance to have one fair and balanced fight, nor do I get the chance to actually build up my skill because everyone I fight rushes me and stun locks me without a chance for me to hit them. I love this game, but the PvP is unfair and unbalanced. Please fix this damn matchmaking.


  • Hey TrueBlue,

    We are sorry to hear that you feel about current matchmaking like this. The current matchmaking system places you based on Character Level (not Prestige), Skill Rating (hidden), and Ping. Ultimately the system will find the best match for you from those actively queuing for Combat Trials taking into account those factors. If there's no perfect match available, it finds the best match it can. Regions/platforms with lower populations will find it harder to get a perfect match. By the way, do you play on PC or PS4?
  • Hey TrueBlue,

    There is a much larger population on PS4 than on PC and it should give you the opportunity to find enough opponents. If you are getting matched with "high level" players, then either your Skill Rating is close enough for the match to be considered, or other options had horrible ping, or you're playing in a region or at a time when there aren't many people queuing.
  • Add me on PS4 if you can. I don’t mind queuing up and teaching you some stuff :D I’m LuxisAudron on PS4. If you can’t find me then try an underscore between Luxis and Audron (i keep forgetting lol)
  • I'm also on PS4 and willing to help train up students (gray12345678). I have a lot of fun teaching new players what to do with an out-boxing Windfall or Stagger fighter. Although this tends to be difficult to communicate and people get the wrong idea. Which deserves a suggestion while on topic. If there was a School Combat Training challenge instead of just School Combat Trials it would address this. School Training should play exactly like a Combat trial, but does not count toward the season. It MUST count toward skill level and prestige experience just as it did before the Downfall Update. Please don't confuse this with the meditation sparring idea. They are absolutely meant to be separate things. Meditation sparring gives you 100% flexibility but MUST NOT grant experience rewards. School Combat Training works exactly like the old Combat trials for experience but MUST NOT contribute to the current season leaderboard. School Combat Trails contribute to the everything as they do now. Three levels of commitment. Sparring, Training, and Trial. This gradient could eliminate a lot of miscommunication and negative behavior in the existing trials along with some poor behavior in the open world mode. The high stakes are what promote the rude behavior and with no step down it's hard to find a polite player willing to learn before they rage quit. Give them a path to increase the stakes as they go and you will get a lot more polite engagement out of folks. Humans are weird this way.

    By the way skill level is tracked as you play the marked ones and bosses and Combat Trials. It seems to be a combination of your combat trial level and your experience before you hit level 60 in some way. It potentially uses the count of moves your character knows as well. Having done so... pushing the game to level 100 seems to top out the AI and it lets you know when you get there. Beat all three bosses three times to complete the story and get the experience. I very much advise doing that before you get serious about trials. The experienced Trail fighters are tough as nails and can be very unforgiving. Pushing the game to 100 makes it hella fun to play as well. The AI updates for the Downfall release really amped them up and they use magic and fight tactically in groups. It's so much fun in a fight with 3-4 opponents.

    (MUST and MUST NOT written in normative form for requirements analysis and not intended to be SHOUTING.) :smiley:
  • Hey matthewpmcguire,

    Thank you for the idea about adding School Training and the explanation how it will balance current situation with learning and getting necessary skills in the game. I've passed along your suggestion to the rest of the team, but can't promise it will be implemented in the game. Thank you for taking active participation in the life of the community and offering help to the players!
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