Unable to spend fragments and other issues

A rift disk suddenly appeared in my inventory

I was given about 7 crystals out of nowhere and when I spent them and logged out, I got back on to see that I now have -4 crystals

I cannot buy anything with my fragments, I am able to look in the essence shop but I can't buy anything, even things I can afford or have unlocked

I got on with about 3000 extra fragments as well, which is what I think might have caused the shop issue. But I could still afford everything before the 3000

And I'd like to clarify that I didnt do anything for the crystals and fragments to appear on my character, they just popped up there


  • Hello Stolos,

    First of all Absolver patch 1.25 should give you 10k fragments and 10 crystals as compensation for the recent issues with the game. If that cause some troubles for you, please reach us at support_pc@sloclap.com (for PC) or support_ps4@sloclap.com (for PS4) with as many details as possible.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
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