Replayability suggestions and game lengthening

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Now, I must say: Downfall is amazing. The procedural aspect and the variation in enemies has me coming back over and over. But as much as I am in love with this game (and have been since launch) I can't help but complain that someone only feels obligated to play the main game once. The second time playing doesn't really have the same magic and (dare I say) illusion of dynamic progression. I personally am on my third character and I feel like the end point is always the same. You will eventually have a well rounded, medium-to-fast speed character, regardless of which style you choose. The only reason I could replay it at all was the added difficulty of the the bosses using their powers, but that got a bit old after only 1 playthrough.


1 - Random Items
Have random items in the cairns every playthrough and make the pots refresh with different loot in different locations every once in a while. Knowing where everything is on the second playthrough is kind of dissapointing

2 - Stat Variation
Remove (or at least decrease) the soft cap on the stats. There seems to only be 1 build that actually works and this leads to
every character in prestige levels having a) the same amount of health b) the same amount of stamina and c) the same
regeneration of their shards. The result of this makes leveling seem pointless. I feel like this was not originally intended due to the ability to reset your stats for crystals, and I feel like the stat cap should be increased, while still only offering 60 level coins. This would produce a dynamic and varied playerbase with different strengths and weaknesses

3 - Trading / Marketplace
Having an area where players can trade their items with one another for fragments or crystals (or a totally different currency) is a great way to have players interact and enjoy the game as well as gain renown for their skills at looting. This system has worked for other hugely successful games like Warframe and WOW. This area could maybe be located in Towerpoint, where presumably the Prospects and Absolvers spend their off-days. This area maybe should have combat disabled (except maybe for a fighting pit) and text chat enabled. Also less physics (i.e. player collision) should allow for there to be more players rendered on the server.

4 - Additional Character Options
With the existence of dyeing clothing, it seems only reasonable that we would have access to dyes for hair as well. Harsher colors like whites, blues, greens or yellows might add a bit more variation (as well as representation for blue-haired people like me :p) to the playerbase. Maybe also a few new hairstyles. The current ones are great, but more never hurt anybody. Maybe a little height variation in players too, now that we have the HUGE bosses from the Downfall expansion.

That's all for now. This game will always have a dear place in my heart and I hope to see it continue on for a long time.


  • 2. nd would be really great. increase the softcaps for like 80%-100% and you will see alot more variations. id love that. very simple and short way for more individualization.
  • 2.I agree with this one a lot since it really feels like their are very little incentives to have different stats. I would not mind making 3 characters with different stats to take advantage of each style such as windfall etc.
  • I agree with all of this
  • Hey Des_Noirs,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I've passed them along to the dev team, though I can't promise that your ideas will be added to the game. Anyway, we appreciate that you share your vision of the possible Absolver development.

    Special thanks for all who share their opinions and discuss these suggestions!
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