The Guides and the Downfall

Questions about the Guides

We now know that the Guides were the ones that caused the Downfall, as well as the fact that there were originally 6(?) of them, judging by the statues in the caves. I wonder what the names of the cloak-guide, the bridge-guide and the statue-guide are. We know about Rakkio and Talem, as well as the aforementioned nameless (currently) guides, but what happened to the rest? Are they still out there in the world and not exclusively training prospects? Or maybe there are other training grounds outside of Raslan, or at least other issues to attend to in the world. Or are they dead? If this is true, is Simeon dead? Or is he still alive in the heights of Towerpoint, or maybe he is somewhere else entirely. I'm particularly interested in some of the official art, such as the young(?) and old(?) side by sides of the guides(?) and when they wore the masks and now no longer do. Still some questions to be answered...
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